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Awards & Mentions

Australian Patients Association, Best Patient Innovation Finalist 2018

This award recognises novel and innovative solutions in patient health. Respia was a finalist.

Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program 2018

Respia was chosen to take part in a training program that encourages professionals of various medical backgrounds to support them in transforming their visionary ideas into real world solutions.

Featured in Vogue 2017

Founder and CEO, Katherine Kawecki, was recognised by Vogue Australia as a female innovator striving towards "making a tangible difference to our everyday lives," for her work with Respia. Click here to read the full article.

Tech Crunch, Battlefield Disrupt Finalist 2017

Respia made it to the finalist round among the top early age start ups who are transforming the way we live.

Med Tech's Got Talent, The Actuator Finalist 2017

This program is designed to provide the business and commercialisation skills required to convert innovative designs into innovative solutions. Respia was a finalist.

Young Australian Design Awards Finalist 2016

Good Design Australia promotes design across business, industry and government sectors for the betterment of our society in terms of health, safety and overall quality of life. Respia was a finalist.

James Dyson Award 2016

The James Dyson award recognises the top designers with tangible solutions to real world issues. Respia was an international runner up.

Red Dot Award 2016 Winner

The Red Dot Award is well-recognised for professional design concepts and prototypes. Respia won an award for Design Concept.

INDEX Awards Nominee 2016

This award inspires innovators to continue to create the solutions that change the way we live. Respia was a nominee.