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Our Wearable 'R1'

Respia is your Asthma Management System.

Respia is an asthma management system that tracks and records your childs respiratory health. Our world first wearable chest patch helps parents, who want to better manage their children's asthma, by reducing preventable asthma attacks and hospitalisations unlike competitors that are not wearable and require manual input. It alerts parents via our smart phone app if there are signs of asthma exacerbation and allows them to make informed decisions.

The wearable patch provides live feedback and alerts to the parent to help them monitor their child’s asthma. This adhesive patch sits on the skin similar to a stethoscope and monitors changes in the upper respiratory tract. The smart phone app keeps the parent informed of the their childs condition. Respia is changing the way you manage asthma from reactive to proactive.

Respia is tailored to monitor your child through the night post hospitalization. In this critical time where reliever medication must be administered as frequently as every 2 hours, Respia allows for some peace of mind.

Respia empowers you with the information you need to give the best asthma care for your child.